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Plugin for Adobe XD

About the plugin

A small plugin to insert placeholder text that fits your needs: As simple as you want it to be, yet as advanced as you need it to be…

It is as easy as selecting one or more text layer(s) and running the plugin from the plugin's menu. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+Alt+L" on Windows or "Cmd+Option+L" on macOS to run the plugin.

Last but not least: I’m always happy to listen to feedback. Therefore, if you have any (may it be feature requests, bug reports or something else), please let me know via the support website, and I'll see how I can accommodate your wishes.

UI-Languages: English, German

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Open Source

Since January 1st, 2020, Lorem Ipsum is completely open-source with its source code hosted on GitHub.

Usage & Support

Installing the plugin

There are two easy ways to install the plugin. You can either do so via the "Discover plugins" panel inside XD (see the next paragraph) or by downloading a ".xdx" file (see the third paragraph).

To install the plugin via the plugin manager right inside XD (which, among other things, allows you to update plugins easily), you can either follow the link under "Open in XD" after clicking the Download / Install button above or search for the plugin manually by opening XD and going to "Discover plugins" in the plugin menu. After that, the plugin should appear in the window, and you can click install. As soon as the download finishes, the plugin is installed and should be ready to use.

The alternative way to install the plugin is to download a ".xdx" file – a kind of installer for plugins. You can find the .xdx files for the current and previous versions under the "Download as .xdx" section after you click onto Download / Install above. After you've downloaded this file, you merely need to open it – the way you do with every other file as well – and a window of XD should open, asking you whether you wish to install the plugin. As soon as you click install, the plugin gets installed and is ready to use.

Please note that you'll need Adobe XD CC (version 13+) installed to install and use plugins.


Frequently asked questions

Can I use custom (user-defined) placeholder texts?

Unfortunately, this is not supported at this point in time. However, this is high on my list of feature requests and should be available soon.

Is this the same as the placeholder text functionality in the Text Toolbox?

Yes and no. It uses the same technology, and updates get included in the Text Toolbox. However, the "standalone" Lorem Ipsum plugin for Adobe XD provides some more features like presets easily accessible from the plugin's menu or an option to skip the dialog and use the previously used settings to insert text.

Why does the plugin only generate two words?

Two words get "used" by the plugin if you have a point text (since I don't have any bounds to base the text length on). If you use area text (see https://helpx.adobe.com/xd/help/drawing-text-tools.html#text-tools for an explanation of the difference of point- and area text in Adobe XD), the number of words will fit to match the text area's bounds.

Any (further) questions, issues or feature requests? Please feel free to contact me via the contact form and I'll try my best to help you.