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New website

Pablo Klaschka on

A "new", old website

As you may have noticed, the website has changed a bit. While it still has the same layout and "look and feel", I've split certain pages into several pages. For instance, the home page got split to allow for more and more plugins.

So – what's new?

Individual pages for plugins

First of all, plugins now have their own, plugin-specific pages. This page includes description, screenshots, download options and support material for the plugin. It is the main place to get started when searching for plugin-specific resources. It is a combination of the previous home- and support pages.

A new blog

Next, there is this new blog. While the previous website also had a "News" section, its sole purpose was to inform about new releases. With the new website, the blog will actually get used as a blog as I've now got a CMS to manage its contents.

But – why?

There are many reasons why I decided to "reshape" the website. The primary reason, yet, is that the previous site was only a "quick and dirty" solution. It had to be public in October 2018 for the launch of the plugins and it was always my intent to someday update the site and – today is that day... Looking at it from the practical site, the change enables many things for the future of this website:

  • Allowing for many more plugins (I have a few that are waiting to get released)
  • A "real" blog allows me to share news about the plugins, tutorials about plugin developmen and more.
  • Having the site's contents easy to edit (meaning I'll post updates etc. far more often here, now)

Don't worry. I'm not "moving" towards making the website commercial (at the very least not soon). This is just a change of technology, not a change of heart...

Anything else that's new?

Yep. I'm now publishing my plugins on Product Hunt to add an extra platform for communication. This is giving me a way to see which plugins you like the best and thus what I should put the most work into. You can find my Product Hunt profile with all my plugins here.

Also, I've opened a Slack workspace for my plugins. You're able to ask questions, propose features, report bugs and write with other users and me. You can join the workspace via this invite link.