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Bug in Lorem Ipsum Functionality

Pablo Klaschka on

The problem

As reported by the twitter user @Ltrademark (thank you for reporting this), the Lorem Ipsum function (in both the Lorem Ipsum and Text Toolbox plugins) as well as any other plugins are currently unable to insert text into (or, in other ways, edit the contents of) component master layers. Instances of a component (formerly known as "symbol") are not affected, but just the master component instance.

This gained some importance with the introduction of component states (including hover states) inside XD and therefore became obvious, now.

The cause

According to Ash Ryan Arnwine (@ashryan_io), Sr. Manager Developer Experience & Evangelism at Adobe, this "is a known issue the XD team is tracking [...] and the team is looking into a fix", cf. https://twitter.com/ashryan_io/status/1235685576013119493?s=20.

And now?

Let's hope for a quick fix on Adobe's end, there unfortunately isn't anything I can do in the plugin to get around this. Thank you very much for your understanding and everyone helping in tracking this down 😊