Portrait of Pablo Klaschka

About me
A nerd, and happy about it

Who is this person?

To answer who I am within a text that's short enough that you'll read it is rather difficult. Yet, what it comes down to is that I am a student currently studying space- and aerospace computer science. Besides that, I work in the field of web development and – as private side project – plugins for Adobe XD.

Apart from that, I love reading and watching old Sci-Fi TV series (among them, but not only, Star Trek). I make music and everthing that's combining technology and creativity.

Why do you develop plugins?

An interesting question. For now, I don't earn any money from making plugins. Enthusiastic about UX-Design, I found XD exciting since it got announced in 2015. But, being a developer, I'm the kind of person who develops software to enhance my own workflow. This meant that for me, it was a huge pain that XD didn't allow this from the beginning.

I then subscribed to a kind of Newsletter that would inform me about extensibility for XD. To my pleasent surprise, in July 2018, I received an email asking me if I'd like to join the prerelease program. As I had finished school and University didn't begin until October, I of course accepted. The first plugin I created generated Lorem Ipsum text that fits the textarea height. Back then, it was only to try it out and since it was the number one feature I had always missed in XD. To my surprise and delight, nobody else in the prerelease was planning on making a Lorem Ipsum plugin, which meant I could release (right at the launch of extensibility of XD in October 2018) a Lorem Ipsum plugin (which, of course, many designers use and therefore had a real opportunity to succeed) and the rest – as they say – is history...

And apart from developing plugins?

I have no idea why anyone visiting the website could be interested in this, but since you're here and reading this...

I have Aspergers syndrom (a form of autism) and always try to remove prejudice about it. Thus, if you have any questions about autism, feel free to contact me. Also, I'm the kind of guy to get into deep philosiophical debates about the many problems on earth. To me, debate is the only reliable way to understand a topic by getting to know both – or more – sides of a topic.