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Lorem Ipsum

A small plugin to insert placeholder text that fits your needs: As simple as you want it to be, yet as advanced as you need it to be…

It is as easy as selecting one or more text layer(s) and running the plugin from the plugin's menu. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+Alt+L" on Windows or "Cmd+Option+L" on macOS to run the plugin.

Last but not least: I’m always happy to listen to feedback. Therefore, if you have any (may it be feature requests, bug reports or something else), please let me know via the support website, and I'll see how I can accommodate your wishes.

UI-Languages: English, German

Screenshot of Text Toolbox

Text Toolbox

The tools you need – at your fingertips

Text Toolbox is your little helper when it comes to dealing with text layers in Adobe XD. With its functions being easily accessible with a keyboard shortcut, it automates otherwise laborious tasks leaving you more time for the creative side of UX-Design.

Current features:

  • Trim text area height to fit its content
  • Insert placeholder text
  • Copy basic HTML markup for your text to go from Design to Development fast and easy
  • Replace text
  • Generate text reports
  • Convert text to uppercase

Last but not least, I am continually enhancing existing and thinking of more features, making the toolbox more and more versatile. Because of this, ideas, feature requests, and feedback of any kind are always very much appreciated. If you have any, please tell me, and I'll see how I can accommodate your wishes...

UI-Languages: English, German

Screenshot of Markdown


Coming soon

Adding Markdown support to Adobe XD

Having to work with (and write) a lot of text for your designs can be cumbersome. While XD offers excellent tools, it still lacks an intuitive way to write structured texts (with a quick way to use headlines, links, lists, and other contents). This is where this plugin can help you.

With Markdown being incredibly easy to learn and an excellent (and already often used) way to write all kinds of text, you can focus on your content when working on it and leave the correct formatting of the content up to the plugin. It, of course, does so without taking any control away from you.

Simply put, it lets you focus on what's essential and handles the cumbersome task of applying and reapplying all the correct text styles for you (also giving you the option to quickly change texts without having to reformat things).

Last, but not least, it is quick and easy for developers to convert Markdown to things like HTML making a handoff a lot smoother ;-)

UI-Languages: English, German